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Wholesaling Services

Selling your house feels like a tangled knot – endless to-do lists, stressful showings, and the nagging uncertainty of "when?" Our Wholesaling Service cuts through the mess. We're your real estate armor, guiding you through a simpler, faster path. Forget open house marathons, fixing up the property on nights & weekends, buyer negotiations, and all the paperwork – we connect you directly with serious investors, ready to buy your property on your terms, in days, not months.

Imagine closing the door on stress and opening it to a cash-in-hand victory. No repairs, no showings, just a smooth, confidential exit that respects your timeline and needs. We won't pressure you, we'll empower you with a fair offer and clear communication every step of the way. You deserve a stress-free transition, and wholesaling makes it possible.

Sell Houses Fast in Mankato, Faribault, Burnsville, Owatonna, Lakeville, Shakopee, Jordan, New Prague. Sell As Is
Sell Houses Fast in Mankato, Faribault, Burnsville, Owatonna, Lakeville, Shakopee, Jordan, New Prague. Sell As Is

How It Works

Selling your home shouldn't be a confusing or stressful experience. That's why we believe in a clear, step-by-step process that puts you in control and keeps you informed every step of the way.

  1. We Listen and Understand: We begin by taking the time to listen to your story and understand your needs. We want to know your preferred timeline, your ideal outcome, and any concerns you might have. This open communication sets the foundation for a smooth and trusted partnership.

  2. We Value Your Property: Based on our market expertise and a thorough property assessment, we'll agree on a fair cash offer that meets your expectations. We want to ensure you feel satisfied with the value we place on your home.

  3. A Transparent Contract: We'll provide you with a clear and straightforward contract outlining the agreed-upon price, the time frame (usually 60 days), and other key terms. Review it and ask any questions before signing. We believe informed decisions are the best decisions. As soon as we receive the signed contract we get to work.

  4. Your Exit, Your Terms: Remember, you remain the legal owner of your property throughout the process. The contract does restrict you from selling the property to another party during the agreed-upon timeframe. However, our focus is finding a pre-approved buyer who meets your agreed-upon price. Our goal is to work with flexibility and respect for your needs, providing a smooth path toward your preferred outcome.

  5. Peace of Mind Guaranteed: During the agreed-upon timeframe, we handle everything behind the scenes. From marketing and negotiations to paperwork and closing, we manage the entire process while keeping you informed of every step. We work with only licensed and insured professionals to ensure everything is done legally and ethically.

  6. The Win - Win - Win:  If we find a buyer within the timeframe, you'll receive the exact agreed-upon cash amount directly at closing (WIN!). Our compensation comes from any profit we make by selling the contract for more than the initially agreed price (WIN!).  The new Buyer gets the new Property (WIN!). We are incentivized by a higher sale price but we also want our buyers to be set up for success. Your guaranteed cash amount remains protected under the contract. We do not charge you any commissions or fees for our services. 

    • Here is an example for transparency sake: We agree on a price to purchase your house for $100,000. We work hard to market your property, negotiate with buyers, and handle paper work and behind the scenes work. We find a buyer that is willing to purchase the price for $105,000. When the contract closes - you are paid the original agreed upon price of $100,000. We profit the additional $5,000 for our time and efforts. The new buyer gets the new property. The Win - Win - Win Situation!

  7. No Pressure, Just Options: If we haven't secured a buyer by the end of the agreed-upon time, the contract simply expires. You are free to pursue other options with no commitment or obligation. Ultimately, your goals and comfort are our top priorities.


Our goal is to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible for you. We believe in clear communication, transparency, and respect for your needs. We want to be your trusted partner during this transition, offering support and guidance every step of the way.​

Sell Houses Fast in Mankato, Faribault, Burnsville, Owatonna, Lakeville, Shakopee, Jordan, New Prague. Sell As Is



What exactly is wholesaling?

You sell your property quickly, usually to investors, for a cash offer without listings or repairs. We assign the contract to a buyer we find.


Is wholesaling legal?

Yes, wholesaling real estate is legal when done correctly.
Here is an article to Houzeo talking about Wholesaling.


Why should I choose wholesaling instead of the traditional market?

Fast Closings, No endless showings, no repairs or renovations, no paper work on your end, cash offers, no pressure.


Do I need to pay any fees to work with you?

There are no fees or commission structures with us. We only get paid if we are able to sell your property for more than our agreed upon price. You get your agreed upon amount and we get anything left over.


What happens if you don't find a buyer within the agreed timeframe?

The contract expires and you the property stays in your name. We have lots of options to find a buyer and we feel confident we can connect you with the right people.


What kind of condition does my property need to be in to wholesale?

Any condition. We have investors the specialize in all different areas. We will work to connect with the ones that fit your property best.


Do I have to worry about being scammed?

The internet is a scary place. With lots of people out there trying to get their hands on your information. We believe in transparency and education. Taking you through the process at your pace so you are comfortable. We use licensed and insured professionals every step of the way to give you confidence and peace of mind. Until the property sells - it always stays in your name and ownership is never transferred.


Who shows the property to the potential buyers?

Couple Options:

  1. You show the property.

  2. We set up a lock box or hidden key on the property and allow potential buyers to show themselves. Just like a traditional sale.

  3. Depending on the location we will show the property.


What Risks Do I Have?

The only risk you have when signing our contract is that you have to give us the full 60 days to find a buyer. While under contract you are not legally allowed to accept any other offers. We do this to protect ourselves. We invest time and money to find buyers for your property. We feel its only fair to be allowed the time to execute our end of the deal.


How do you make money from this?

We only make money if the property sells. Our profits come from selling our original contract for more than our agreed upon price.


How do you market my property?

We use all kinds of marketing tools. Social Media Marketplaces, Email Newsletters, Real Estate Investing Seminars, Our Connections, Billboards, Phone Calls, Etc. 


How long does this take?

We allow ourselves 60 days to find a buyer but our deals typically close in 30 days or less depending on the location.

Additional Questions? We're Here to Help!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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